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New Feature Release: Zaker Question Pools

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New Feature Release: Zaker Question Pools

Exciting news for the Zaker community!

We are thrilled to introduce our latest feature, designed to elevate your learning experience to a whole new level.

Imagine a space where both students and teachers can share and explore a diverse pool of questions for each course, developing the learning process through collaboration and interaction.

Zaker's Interactive Question Pool is a feature that's set to transform how you engage with your courses and peers.

Whether you're looking to deepen your understanding or challenge your knowledge, this new addition is your go-to resource.

How It Works

Navigating Zaker's new question pools feature is intuitive, designed to help you engage with your studies like never before.

To dive in, start by exploring the 'Public Pools' tab where you'll find a collection of question sets, organized by categories like 'Programming & Development' or 'Data & Analytics.' Look for a topic that piques your interest or is relevant to your course.

Public Pools

Ready to contribute? Click on '+ New Pool' to create your own. Simply give your pool a name, choose a logo, select the right category, and give others a description of what your pool covers.

New Pool Interface

Once your pool is set up, you can begin adding questions by clicking on 'New Question.'

My Pool Interface

You'll find a straightforward form allowing you to specify the question type, include an image if necessary, type out your question and answer, and provide an explanation for the correct answer.

Zaker also allows you to import questions directly from a PDF.

Just click on 'Import from PDF', select the file you wish to upload, and Zaker's system will handle the rest.

Set the difficulty level and tag your question to make it easy for others to find.

New Question Interface

Once you've created a pool or contributed some questions, let Zaker's AI give you the ultimate test run with 'Generate Exam'.

Utilizing Question Pools For Maximum Benefit

The new Question Pool feature on Zaker offers a unique platform for collaborative learning.

This rich repository not only broadens your exposure to different types of questions but also deepens your understanding of course material.

For students, it's an opportunity to test their knowledge and discover new perspectives on subjects. The Question Pools highlight the topics and challenges most commonly faced in exams, offering a real-world insight into what students find difficult.

This peer-driven approach ensures that the content is highly relevant and focused on areas that require more attention.

On the other side, teachers can use it to identify common areas where students might struggle. They can contribute by providing exam-style or theoretical questions that delve deeper into subjects, thereby enhancing students' understanding and preparation.

The variety in the pool ensures that every learner finds valuable content to engage with.

This feature fosters a dynamic learning environment where the community's collective knowledge enhances everyone's educational experience.

Happy Learning!