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Zaker's Newest Feature: Practice Exams

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Zaker - Practice Exams

Born from the real-life experiences and needs of university students just like you, Zaker has grown from a humble Google Drive folder into a beacon of academic support.

At Zaker, we understand the unique challenges university students face in studying for their courses.

That's why we're thrilled to introduce a groundbreaking feature on our educational platform: AI-generated practice questions tailored to your university courses.

Zaker Practice Exam

Understanding Practice Exams

Zaker's AI-driven feature allows students to generate up to 20 customized practice questions for available university courses.

This tool analyzes the files and notes uploaded to the course in the “Universities” section and creates practice questions aligned with your curriculum.

This means every practice session is relevant, focused, and tailored to your study needs.

How Practice Exams Works

  1. Upload Course Material: Begin by uploading your notes, past exams, and other relevant study material to Zaker.

  2. Create New Exam: Use the 'New Exam' button and select your options.

  3. Select Your Focus: Choose the course you're studying for and specify any topics you want to prioritize.

    Zaker Exam Options

  4. Set a Timer: For an added challenge, you can set a timer to simulate exam conditions and improve time management skills.

  5. Generate Questions: Let our AI do the magic. It will analyze the uploaded material and generate up to 20 practice questions.

    Zaker Exam Preview

  6. Share Existing Exam: Share any existing exam with peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment.

  7. View Exams History: Keep track of your progress and review past practice exams to identify areas for improvement.

Benefits of Tailored Practice

  • Personalized Learning: The questions are based on your specific course material, making each practice session uniquely beneficial.

  • Comprehensive Understanding: These questions ensure a thorough grasp of the course content by covering various topics and difficulty levels.

  • Focused Study: Prioritize topics you find challenging, ensuring you spend time where it's needed most.

  • Time Efficiency: With focused practice, you can spend less time wondering what to study and more time mastering the material.

With Zaker, you're not just studying harder; you're studying smarter.

Our AI-powered practice questions are designed to complement your learning style, help you identify areas for improvement, boost your confidence, and ace your exams.

Keep climbing your ladder of knowledge.

See you soon!