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Connecting Students with Their Educators: Bridging Educational Gaps with Zaker

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Teacher in a classroom

Big news! Our new slogan, "Connecting Students with Their Educators," is all about getting you closer to the people who shape your learning journey.

At Zaker, we're breaking down the walls between classrooms around the world.

Wherever you are hitting the books, we’re here to link you up with educators and resources that were once out of reach.

With our platform, questions and knowledge fly across the map, making sure everyone gets the help they need and the answers they seek.

Ready to see how it works?

Let's get started.

Building the Bridge with Question Pools

Question pools on Zaker are where the magic happens.

So, you're an educator with a stack of tough questions?

Here's your spotlight.

Create a question pool on Zaker for your questions to shine.

Students from anywhere can find your pool. They tackle the questions, they learn, and you get to see where they trip up.

For students, this is your practice area. Simply pick a pool that matches your course, test yourself, and see where you stand.

Together, we're building a library of questions that cross borders and open minds. That's Zaker for you – always finding new ways to tighten the student-teacher loop.

Student in class reading a book

Tailoring The Learning Experience With AI-Generated Questions

Got a pool you like?

Hit 'Generate Exam'. Our AI takes over from there.

It picks questions from the pool just for you, based on preset configurations.

You get a custom exam, you take it, you get smarter. Every single time.

Ready to ace your next test.

For the educators, each exam taken boosts your pool's popularity. The more students dive in, the more your content shines.

And soon, the more your pools are used, the sweeter the rewards. Think discounts, perks, and more (coming soon on Zaker).

Everyone wins.

Rewarding Educator Engagement It's all about making those educational connections count.

Teachers, we see you.

You put in the work, you make the pools that get everyone thinking.

Guess what? It's about to pay off.

We're cooking up a new way to say thanks. When your question pool hits the spot, and students are all over it, you'll score some benefits with Zaker.

The more they learn, the more you earn. Keep an eye out, because it's coming.

This is our way of giving back to those who fuel the minds of the future.

Stay tuned.

Our new slogan, "Connecting Students with Their Educators," is what we're all about.

Zaker is where everyone, from every corner of the globe, comes together to learn and teach.

Hop on, dive into the question pools, and let AI tailor an exam just for you.

It's all about making those educational connections count.

Come join us.