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Sample Exams
Practice makes perfect - ace your university exams with samples covering all course topics, available to you anytime, anywhere.
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Get ahead of the class with top-tier student notes, curated only by the best of students in any course.
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Save time, review and focus on what's important with our most valuable summaries, covering key concepts from your courses.


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“Zaker offered me a diverse range of practice questions that closely mirrored my actual exams and maximized my study productivity!”

Featured University Student Testimonial
Reve Chahine
C.C.E. Student @LIU

“Zaker was a great place to find my university's study materials, and it was really easy to share my own notes with fellow students.”

University Student Testimonial
Jihad Ftouny
C.S. Graduate @LIU

“Zaker is undoubtedly the go-to platform for study materials and resources, serving university students across Lebanon.”

University Student Testimonial
Aya Kassir
B.E. Student @LIU

“Zaker is more than just a study tool; it's a study companion. The diversity of practice questions and sample exams has transformed my study routine!”

University Student Testimonial
Moussa Hasan
C.S. Graduate @LIU

“Zaker's collection of practice exams gave me the edge I needed in my studies. Having all these resources in one place was a lifesaver!”

University Student Testimonial
Jennifer Karkour
C.E. Student @LIU

“With Zaker, studying is no longer a hassle. It was my essential academic aide.”

University Student Testimonial
Ahmad Khankan
C.S. Graduate @LIU

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Zaker began as a modest folder on Google Drive, packed with a good deal of study material to assist students. Today, we've evolved even beyond being a platform and into a mission-driven community dedicated to democratizing education. As the go-to destination for more than 4825 university students, we provide well-organized, reliable, and accessible educational content for students across Lebanon, tending to the success of every learner's journey.